Digital Artist

Adam Surgeon



A Creator

Growing up in a family owned graphic design studio taught me the fundamentals of art at an early age. From there I was able to find my passion with art and embrace it. For me, that passion was moving images. I began making my own short films for fun, and finding creative and unique ways to edit them to show the world how I perceive reality.

I decided to leave my college in Florida and move out to California to increase my skill set, knowledge, and enhance my overall life. From Attending UCLA I grew my understanding of all the necessary formalities and boundaries of professional editing.  Using the fundamentals, I can create pure, beautiful, and elegant videos when needed. Taking it one step further, I use my creativity to create a unique experience for the viewer.  I strive to blur the boundaries, and edit outside the box, revealing a one of a kind, motion experience. My videos are designed to leave my viewer with a feeling. Whether that's knowledge, joy, or inspiration, every single video I produce, edit, or film, the larger goal is always kept in mind.

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